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Satellite pages

The number of pages about satellites keeps increasing, so I'll convert this first page into a real index with pointer to the different areas.

Station A short description of my station
Old receiver A slightly nostalgic - historic - view of my previous receiver - now retired because of the interference of the OrbComm satellites. Reviewing my 20 year old receiver
New receiver The modified receiver - more selectivity, a lot of the old stuff eliminated. The reconstructed receiver
Quadrifilar antenna The antenna in use at the station is a quadrifilar helicoidal - find out how to make one for your station - or use the calculator to design one for another frequency. Quadrifilar antenna
Low noise amplifier To compensate for cable losses, I build a low noise amplifier with an MRF966 GaAsFET transistor. The amplifier
Link page Here are some links to interesting sites related to the weather satellite world.
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