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gWcalc: A GUI front-end to W-calc

gWcalc is a graphical front-end to Kyle Wheeler's command-line scientific calculator. It is intended for use under the X-window system, and uses the GTK+ widget library.

Screen shot of complete gwcalc calculator
The complete gWcalc calculator

Screen shot of the minimalist gwcalc
... and a minimalist gWcalc

It's main features are:

  • Simple use
  • Menu access to all functions defined in Wcalc
  • Menu access to a huge number of constants defined in Wcalc.
  • Intuitive entry of formulas.
  • Easy editing and 're-evaluation'.
  • Easy conversion between decimal, hex, octal and binary, both in input and output.
  • Works with fractional numbers in all bases.
  • Very configurable.


This program was written with the help of the GIMP toolkit (GTK+), a marvelous piece of work, and uses the gnome-print library to generate Postscript output. Of course, it was developed on Linux, using the gcc compiler suite and the Glade GUI development system. Graphics items were designed using the GIMP itself.

Thanks to SourceForge for the downloading and management services. Get gw-calc at SourceForge.net. Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads

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