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Over the years, i wrote a load of programs. Most of them were of the 'quick-and-dirty' kind, just to remedy a temporary 'itch'. Once in a while though, some of these utilities proved useful enough to be converted into something of which I'm not completely ashamed to show it to others.

If I could find the time to document the project, the stars align favorably, and EPEC (local energy provider) and Arnet (ISP) collaborate, there may actually be a chance the program lands on this page. Most, if not all, programs were written for Linux, operating system of preference. Most are C, though I've developed a recent weakness for Python.

As I frequently use programs by others, and if I feel the docs are lacking, I may publish quick howtos on the use, or how to avoid pitfalls. Most of these are memory aids... Of course, in that case, I do not claim any credit for the original program, and don't blame the original authors for potential errors!

Homebrew software and related miscelanea

linSmith Schmidt charting
funkGen Signal processing
PFC2 Pascal-FC

Howtos, and some hints

mysql Binary data in MySQL How to save and load binary data (images, sound, etc) in MySQL
linux Boot Linux without disc
gtk FlatStudio theme on gtk+ 12.2 Some changes I made
gtk Use of GIOChannel
gtk Chat using FIFOs Python <-> C++ chat using FIFOs, and GIOChannels
gtk Chat using sockets Python <-> C++ chat using internet sockets, and GIOChannels
wxtoimg wxtoimg Satellite recepcion
wxtoimg wxtoimg (high res)
pygtk Drag-and-drop in pyGTK
freeimage Use of the FreeImage library
make >Intro to make

Javascript alculators

Simple Helix antenna
Quadrifilar helix
Ballooning utilities

Slackware packages

An eclectic collection of (mostly 64-bit) Slackware packages, mainly meant for my own use. As some of these are not available on the net, I thought they might be useful for others too.

XFCE 4.12 packages

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