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Slow Scan Television - SSTV - Main modes of operation - SSTV mode table - Comparing SSTV modes - More comparing - SSTV Links
Ionospheric sounders - Chirpers - 'Homemade' chirp plots - Official chirp plots - Mini chirp beacon - Pulse stretcher for GPS PPS
Propagation - Solar activity
Antennas - Index page - Simple helix antenna - Quadrifilar helicoidal antenna
Frecuencies - Electromagnetic spectrum - Microwave bands - Television channels


These pages are dedicated to subjects related to radio, with some bias towards propagation, which is where I am most active at the moment.

It is mainly a compilation of much loose information, which was previously under the 'University' theme, for use in my classes, but the information seemed of sufficient general interest to publish it separately.

Not all is of my hand: Most of the ionospheric sounding info was written by Peter Martinez, G3PLX, and Murray Greenman. It is republished here with their permission. The translation to Spanish is mine. Don't blame either Peter or Murray! The databases and tables are a collaboration of many people's experiences.

Please note also that some of the pages may lack in explanations. Those may be coming, but much of the information is just there as a tool for my classes at the University. Feel free to contact me...

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